Around the house | To ensure that everything runs smoothly

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Property inspections

Exterior / interior inspections on a regular basis
Functional test of technical equipment
Roof inspection
Check and read electricity meters
Documentation of the status

Maintenance and repair

Documentation of damages
Recommending professionals
Checking and evaluating offers
Monitoring and coordination of craftsmen
Acceptance of work, invoice auditing and releasing

Caretaker services

Cleaning gutters
Checking water cisterns
Simple repairs 
around and in the house
Disposal of waste / bulky waste
Empty the letterbox & checking post


Around the garden | That everything will thrive and prosper

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Garden maintenance

Periodically mowing lawn and disposal of cuttings
Lawn care, mulching or laying turf rolls
Periodically cutting hedges and bushes
Disposal of leaves in autumn

Irrigation in dry periods
Cleaning of overgrowed green areas
Cleaning of drains and drainage systems

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Installation of fencing systems
Slope stabilization  

Terrace restauration

Replacing / laying of paving stones

New plantings (tree planting)
Maintaining garden furniture

Removal of weeds on foot paths and gravel driveways

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Tree care

Tree pruning (even using lifting platforms)
Applying for logging permissions
Felling trees and rootstock elimination
Pruning and thinning trees
Appropriate fertilisation
Elimination of storm damages

Special care for olive trees including re-cultivation


Around the pool | Take a swim and relax

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Standard pool maintenance

Weekly cleaning/vacuum of the pool
Cleaning filters, pumps and skimmers
Control of the water quality
Providing pool additives and chemicals
Algae prevention


Advanced pool maintenance

Maintenance of technical equipment (e.g. pumping unit)
Refilling the pool / complete draining and refilling
Basic cleaning of the pool
Maintenance and repair of border stones
Professional repair of damages

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Special pool maintenance

Cleaning and storing the pool cover
Changing the sand in the pool filter
Winter maintenance
Opening of the pool in spring
Maintenance of sun beds and parasols


Guest service| Designed to keep your guests comfortable

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Before arrival

Key management
House cleaning including laundry service

Technical commissioning of the property
Checking the house based on a checklist

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During the stay

Shuttle service
Hand-over of keys and instruction
Caretaker service and emergency service
Contact person and intepreter for your guests

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After departure

Takeover keys
House cleaning including laundry service
Final checks based on a checklist
Maintenance and technical decommissioning of the property


Administrative services | That everything goes like clockwork


Public utilities

Registrations, cancellations and changes
Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet, Disposal
Invoice auditing
and consumption control
Changes and optimization of contracts

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Recommending lawyers and notaries
Support for tax matters
Support in dealing with public authorities



Support in finding the right property insurance
Verification of suppier’s invoices
Support for banking matters
Other correspondence


Construction consultancy | So that everything becomes more beautiful

Planning and permits

Preliminary discussion of restoration or renovation projects
Recommending engineers and architects

Preparation of bits

Applying for building permissions
Supporting negotiations and contracting


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Construction phase

Monitoring the construction work
Construction documentation with photos
Interface to architects and craftsmen
Cost control
Supporting final inspections and acceptance of work

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Site cleaning
Invoice auditing and releasing
Completion notice to authorities
Changes to the land cadastre
Final reports

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