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Convivum - Juergen & Gabriele

We are the proud owners of two “Rusticos” in the Maremma region, one near Suvereto and the other close to Volterra. When we were still living in Germany, we were constantly searching for a reliable service provider to take care of our properties when we weren’t there. But we never found one! We repeatedly had to take care of things ourselves during our holidays, whether it was routine maintenance, more involved renovations, or the simplest tasks in the garden. It was impossible to find someone to manage the needed services during our absence. Maybe they just didn’t understand what we were looking for… Even the relatively minor items such as utility bills, taxes or the occasional visit to local authorities were no easy feat.

Just trying to understand the electric bill was a nightmare! We would have gladly paid a reliable service to manage all these things for us. But we don’t have to tell you this. If you own a house in Italy, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. But despite these challenges, you are just like us: you’ve fallen in love with this wonderful country and its people. Our Italian has improved greatly and after learning more of the local customs (and quirks), we decided to relocate permanently to Tuscany. Now that we live here, we want to provide the service that we ourselves could never find, and help to manage your property. Just imagine, someone taking care of everything while you’re gone, so that you can enjoy every minute of your holiday here to the fullest – with no surprises!

Gabriele & Jürgen
Convivum s.r.l.s.